Treatment Protocol

We recommend following treatment protocol as described for layer operations.

What does Dergall control?

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What is very important for us, it protects the health of chickens. The preparation is not toxic, it acts physically on mites, so the poultry is protected from the negative effects that other products can produce. From personal experience, we can say that the effect of the product is excellent if it is applied in the right way and if the instructions on the package are followed.

Our experience is that the effects are the best when it’s applied directly to the mites when they come out to feed, because this is ‘’contact’’ product.
FARMA RATKOVIĆ - Mira Ratković s.p. - Banja Luka, Serbia
We are the small farm that has just started using Dergall. And we are most impressed by the fact that Dergall not only protects the welfare and health of poultry, but can also improve it! After three applications a significant progress was noted in the fight against red mites.

Before Dergall, various products were used that not only contained neurotoxic substances, but resistance of parasites to them was also observed for some time. We belive the arrival of Dergall on our market is a positive innovation in the field of poultry and we will certainly continue to use it!
Farma Vidović - Krupa na Vrbasu, Serbia
We are providers of services on farms in the field of protection of poultry from pests. We have been working with Dergall since summer of 2020. Taking three smaller farms as an example, we wish to point out that a significant and encouraging decline in the red mite population has been observed. Since these are clients/farms where the infestation with red mites is quite neglected, which has led to economic losses, treatments are carried out continuously and regularly.
Veterinary Station from Neum (Bosnia and Herzegovina
In my opinion, using Dergall as a red mite treatment, it’s not only eradication, it is innovative approach toward complete biosecurity in poultry house.
I used various products to treat against mites. With Dergall I don’t have to worry about the safety of the birds and service staff. Besides, the product is effective and has no withdrawal period for meat and eggs.
I have struggled for many years with red mite. Today I believe, I control red mite in my poultry house by using Dergall once a month.