Does temperature of the water influence the treamtent?

Recommended temperature of the water is 10-30°C.

Does the ph level of the water influence the efficacy of Dergall?

The recommended ph level of the water used in the working solution is between 6,5 and 7,5.

Can I use Dergall after a treatment with diatomaceus earth?

Yes, but we recommend thorough hygiene and increase of application rate by 20% (not concentration!).

Can Dergall be mixed with other products?

Normally yes, but we recommend to ask your veterinarian consultant.

Do we need to remove the eggs and feed before the application?

No, eggs and feed do not have to be removed. When used in recommended concentration, Dergall doesn not affect the eggs.

Can I use ULV/ misting machine to apply the product?

No, ULV and fogging machines create droplets that are too small for Dergall to work effectively.